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Duggan Morris Architects is a London based practice established in 2004. The work of the practice is underpinned by a strong conviction in the creative design process, not by a desire to specialise in any single sector. Our strength lies in our ability to apply a systematic design process regardless of programme or location. Our approach is inclusive and collaborative, fostering creative dialogue with clients, consultant teams, statutory authorities, contractors and end users, as well as an active exchange between the disciplines of architecture, art, design, and urbanism. This methodology demands a highly analytical approach, expertly manifest through a range of media as outcomes are explored.

Much of our work is located within the urban fabric and we are acutely aware of our responsibilities to the continuum of the city; a cycle of growth and reuse. This has become a defining influence on the evolution of our architectural language, resulting in buildings which are uniquely tailored to the context within which they sit.

We are equally fascinated by the cultures of contemporary global and local society as well as historical teachings of architecture and art. As such, our work illustrates an interest in the rapid evolution of information technology and modern methods of construction, as well as the qualities of craft and tradition. Innovation is thus cultivated in the office through research into materials, construction techniques and the cultural setting of each project.

Over a decade of delivering the highest calibre of work has equipped us with the tools for delivering complex building projects which are the result of reconciling the perceived conflict between the formal intentions of the architect/designer and the social, political, cultural, historical and economic conditions of place and programme.

Our work has been widely recognised for its design excellence, with multiple industry awards for its completed and unrealised work. In the years between 2010 and 2015 the practice has been the recipient of eight RIBA Awards, across a range of building typologies including one-off houses, cultural and public buildings, workplaces and of course a range of larger scale housing projects.

The RIBA awards programme sets the benchmark for excellence, beyond which a number of significant national prizes are awarded, of which we have won two to date. Of note is the Manser Medal, awarded in 2011 for our renovation of a 1960's Brutalist building in Highgate for an architect couple. We were also shortlisted again in 2012 for Old Bearhurst. Furthermore in 2012 Duggan Morris Architects received the Stephen Lawrence Prize for Kings Grove for the best UK project constructed for under £1million. Kings Grove was also nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award for European Architecture in 2013.

In 2013 we were named Public Building Architect of the Year, with schemes either completed or under development for education, arts and cultural programmes making up a significant proportion of the work. At the time, our most notable completed scheme being Ortus, the home of Maudsley Learning, was also the recipient of the Brick Awards Best Education Building and the Supreme Winner in 2013 as well as the Building Better Health Care Awards Best Mental Health Design and Grand Prix Award in 2014. The project was also identified as one of four buildings competing for building of the year in the London Region, going on to a high placing in the RIBA Stirling Prize midlist and a further nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Award for European Architecture in the same year.

In 2015, two key completed projects, Brentford Lock West (a river side housing regeneration scheme in Brentford) and a new sports wing and swimming pool for Alfriston School in Buckinghamshire both received RIBA National Awards, and subsequently both reached the RIBA Stirling Prize midlist in the same year.

As well as our awards for built projects, we have won many competitions both nationally and internationally. Projects include Oaks Prague (new ‘green’ town in the heart of the Bohemian landscape), several projects for urban infill schemes for Camden Local Authority post war estates, themselves acknowledged as award winning proposals, and competition wins for a range of pavilions and smaller public buildings.

Our live portfolio of work is equally diverse. As well as projects for many of the leading property developers in the UK including Argent, British Land, Derwent London, Lend Lease and Stanhope, we are also working on several substantial and complex residential schemes in a number of urban and rural settings. Perhaps most relevant, is the work we are currently engaged in for client Pegasus Life, a progressive retirement home specialist, whose vision is to create holistic communities for people living out the latter years of their life with dignity. These projects fuse the highest standards in contemporary living with carefully integrated community facilities ranging from restaurant, spa and therapy facilities, through to spaces used for arts and crafts.

Furthermore, we are presently developing proposals for several unique ‘hybrid’ buildings in which a range of functions are layered into the building envelope, such that the overall building form creates memorable experiences both in terms of the building users as well as at a civic level. Notable amongst these buildings are the Aylesbury Health Centre (a general practioner’s surgery, with community health care and an early years nursery at roof level) and a new Energy Hub near the emerging Elephant Park, Heygate Estate, fusing site wide energy production, community cafe and nursery.