Mary 71 Queensway

Architects Journal

Building Study: 71 Queensway by Robin Lee Architecture
21/04/16 Mary Duggan

160115_Bauwelt_Alfriston 1


Successful Balance
15/01/16 Anna Schabel

150701_Architecture Today_RACC2

Architecture Today

New Beginnings - RACC
01/07/15 Roz Barr

150501 AJ_Brentford Page 2

Architects Journal

Building Study: Brentford Lock West
01/05/15 Owen Pritchard


RIBA Journal

Canalside Living - Brentford Lock West
01/05/15 Pamela Buxton



Heralded Swimming, Beaconsfield
01/01/15 Isabelle Priest



Swimming Pool for a school in Beaconsfield
01/11/14 Christian Schittich

141001_Architecture Today-Alfriston

Architecture Today

Peak Condition: Duggan Morris Architects Alfriston School Pool
01/10/14 Giles Reid

140901_AR-Alfriston School-1.jpg

Architectural Review

Origami Lesson: Alfriston School
01/09/14 Ellis Woodman

140701_baumeister_curtain rd


Curtain Rd
01/07/14 Sabine Schneider


Architects Journal

Building Study: Curtain Rd. ‘Old Street, New York Vibe’
21/03/14 Robin Partington


Building Design

Care in the Community
16/08/13 Ellis Woodman

130701_inform_ortus 3

Architecture Today - Inform

Form, space and order
01/07/13 Duggan Morris Architects

130601_Brick Bulletin_Profile-1

Brick Bulletin

Mary Duggan and Joe Morris discuss the origins and development of a contempory brick language by their practice Duggan Morris Architects.
01/06/13 John Ramshaw

121001_RIBAJ_OldB 2.j

RIBA Journal

Tales of the Unexpected: Old Bearhurst
01/10/12 Eleanor Young

120927_aj_old bearhurst-1

Architects Journal

Manser Medal 2012

111201_AJ_Hampstead Lane-1

Architects Journal

Manser Medal Winner: Hampstead Lane
01/12/11 Joe Morris

111001_RIBAJ_Kings grove thumbnail-1

RIBA Journal

‘It’s the little things that count’: Duggan Morris Profile
01/10/11 Eleanor Young

110117_AJ_highgate robin hood gardens-1

Architects Journal

Brutalist and yet, beautiful.
17/01/11 Rory Olcayto

100909_AJ_Kings Grove1-1

Architects Journal

Kings Grove
09/09/10 Rory Olcayto