Bermondsey Street, London Bridge

  • Value: Undisclosed
  • Client: Private
  • Status: Pre Planning

This project is a rooftop extension and refurbishment to an existing residential block increasing accommodation to encompass a highly bespoke living arrangement.

The particular requirements are finely tuned to the needs of a musician, with studio spaces designed free of pedestrian distractions, but with very specific views across London; and recording spaces carefully positioned to maximise acoustic control. Entertainment spaces both internal and external weave in between the musician’s work life creating a composition of live and work to maximise flexibility.

Conceptually, a programme of living, entertaining and breakout space is choreographed into a simple container articulated as a homogenous shell. Inside the simple enclosure, the theatrics of the internal activities shape the spaces, each activity with its own definition and personality defined through material and proportion.

Bermondsey Bermondsey Bermondsey