The Cooking Spaces Project

Duggan Morris Architects has obtained planning permission to develop proposals for of a number of secondary schools in Croydon. 

The Cooking Spaces Project is part of a wider government focus to promote health and well-being and to expand the experience of cooking beyond the Key Stage 3 statutory requirements.The programme is looking to encourage a ‘seed to plate’ approach to the teaching curriculum. Allotments are encouraged as well as links to food hospitality. As such the projects are looking towards Hospitality Diplomas, BTEC catering and IBCAS enterprising programmes. The projects have very strict budgets and all funds must be expended by September 2011. 

The construction works need to impact as little as possible on the day to day activities. As such the solution was to find construction technologies which involve minimum time on site using fast track assembly systems and dry construction methods. Each school is simple in form constructed from metal structurally insulated panels and a metal profile deck roof forming the enclosure; a system commonly used to construct cold stores. Each building is then wrapped in a simple decorative mesh.

The projects are due to commence construction in May.


Virgo Westwood Shirley