Mansel House

Duggan Morris Architects have commenced planning consultation with the London Borough of Merton to create 25,000sqft of contemporary office space delivered as part of the Low Carbon Workplace initiative, and in partnership with Threadneedle and Stanhope. The project requires the retention and substantial remodelling of a 1960's concrete and steel frame building located close to the centre of Wimbledon, and includes a number of light weight extensions and additions. A full planning application is due in August 2011.

Low Carbon Workplace works with companies to measure, reduce and certify their in-use office emissions. Through its exclusive partnership with Threadneedle Asset Management and Stanhope Plc, Low Carbon Workplace provides high quality low carbon office space tailored to individual companies' requirements and supports occupiers to minimise their emissions in-use through a package of occupier support.

The objectives of the ‘scheme’ and the ‘trust’ are simple; refurbish an outdated, down at heel, 1960‘s office building to create relevant and contemporary office space designed to meet exacting environmental standards developed in a holistic, simple and integrated manner. in this way, the building needs to reject ’clip on' solutions for those which favour a higher degree of integration such as insulation, draught-proofing and the use of healthy materials.

When creating energy efficient solutions for buildings, the quality of any architeecture should not be compromised by the inclusion of environmental systesm. Thus, an approach to incorporate ‘Passive Systems’ is to be promoted, including such things as;

-Air tightness

- High performance insulation

- Passive ventilation

- Natual Light and thermal mass

- Energy efficient artificial lighting solutions

- Smart metering equipment

Flow regulators on all sanitary appliances

- Water collection, harvesting and SUDS

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