Croydon Schools

Works on the Croydon School Pavilions have completed at Virgo Fidelis and Westwood Language and Arts College for Girls. The projects were developed as a suite of buildings in reaction to a very tight programme and were funded by The Cooking Spaces Project - a fund set up to unite creativity with health and hygiene.

The project for Virgo Fidelis places a new freestanding multi-use pavilion within a clearing in an orchard, facilitating community events, creative enterprise and hospitality. The project at Westwood School, by contrast, is an extension to an existing dining and assembly area which is connected to an existing food catering space. The new building is elevated above the ground plane on stilts, and takes advantage of the magnificent views across the rolling landscape beyond. The area will also facilitate multiple uses, dining, seminars and will promote new healthy menus.

Croydon Pavilion_02 Croydon-Schools_Westwood-13