Aylesbury Health Centre Approved

Proposals for a new Community Health Centre by Duggan Morris Architects have been approved as part of the Reserved Matters Planning Application for Plot 18 of the Aylesbury Estate regeneration project.

Plot 18, is located within the second phase of the Aylesbury Masterplan (replacing the existing Aylesbury Estate designed by Hans Peter Trenton) designed and lead by HTA for clients Southwark Local Authority and Notting Hill Housing Trust. Plot 18 will comprise of a set of core community elements, as well as retail and residential accommodation. The master plan establishes building massing to the south and north – referred to in the application as the South Block (designed by DMA in collaboration with Sonnemann Toon Architects) and the North Block (designed by HTA) - arranged around a new Public Open Space (designed by HTA in collaboration with DMA).

The South Block will accommodate the existing relocated Aylesbury General Practitioners, Community Health facility, associated staff offices and community rooms and at roof level the Early Years Nursery, with a large open air terrace. Whilst the North Block will provide a new pharmacy, cafe and community facility accommodating a new enlarged library, children’s Stay and Play and offices for the local community trust.

Both buildings will provide facilities that can
be used by the local community groups outside of their regular programmed use. As such a synergy can be seen to be created between the two building elements, the relationship of which is to be enhanced through careful consideration of the positioning of entrances and their relationship to the new Public Open Space, which has been designed to create a sense of place and arrival for this key phase of the master plan.

Outlined as the ‘neighbourhood centre’ for the new development Plot 18 will establish an identity that defines this as a destination and landmark for the new local area. Following this the architecture of the buildings and design of the new public realm on Plot 18 are intended to be of the highest quality, reflecting the aspiration and opportunity that this site affords.