Practice Promotions

During the course of our trading history, Duggan Morris Architects have continually sought to foster conditions which enable the highest calibre of work to flourish. During the last three years in particular, we have grown from a small emerging practice of less than twenty, to one which now boasts over fifty talented architects and designers. Accordingly, Duggan Morris Architects is proud to announce a number of key promotions, as part of our commitment to continually improve our service. This includes five new Associates, two Associate Directors, a Technical Director, a Director, and a Practice Director. This team, along with the founding directors, will work collaboratively to help shape and enhance our working systems whilst building on the legacy of the practice’s award-winning work. This significant development, represents the practice’s direction and ambition, apace with our range of important projects and clients across London and the UK.


Associates; Edward Blake, Will Guthrie, Adam Hiles, Ah-Ra Kim, Harriet Saddington
Associate Directors; Keir Regan-Alexander, Miranda MacLaren
Technical Director; David Storring
Director; Kevin Gray
Practice Director; Charlotte Sorensen

New roles image