Hoarding down at R7 as project reaches Practical Completion

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R7, a hybrid contemporary workplace project for Argent, in the northern quarter of the Kings Cross Masterplan by Allies and Morrison, has reached Practical Completion.

The project is a substantial addition to the cultural quarter of the site, including a range of occupiers as part of this conceptual shift from the normative delivery of office buildings. A three screen cinema for Everyman Cinema is a focal point of the entrance space. A continuous 7m high, 12m wide street driven through the centre of the plan, is set aside for curatorial art programmes.

In addition, there is a restaurant located below the suspended raking underbelly of the largest cinema screen, and two other units which feed into the same space, adding richness and vibrancy to the arrival. At roof level, overlooking the southern extent of the site, is a new observation deck complete with integrated landscaping.

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