Guildford Plaza submitted for planning

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Duggan Morris Architects designs for Guildford Plaza, a scheme developed for retirement housing client PegasusLife, have been submitted to Guildford Borough Council.

The scheme, which will deliver 105 dwellings, is set around a communal heart - a convivial space which brings together a restaurant with open kitchen, lounge, gym, studio and reception all ensuring a neighbourly interaction and social wellbeing that is at the heart of the PegasusLife ethos.

The scheme has been designed to subtly reflect the grain and character of Guildford’s inherent vernacular, creating interest and excitement in the urban fabric, whilst also sensitively responding to the site and its surroundings, protecting and enhancing the character of the nearby heritage assets and the privacy of nearby residential properties.

guildford corner Guildford large model Guildford Model Guildford model closeup with trees Guildford Plaza Guildford visual courtyard