LONDONON; A Global Research Programme

At a specially convened venue on 19th July 2017, in the heart of Clerkenwell’s creative district, Duggan Morris Architects, Coffey Architects and Haptic officially launched Londonon to an audience of London’s architecture community, following a soft launch at this years MIPIM, with support from the Department of International Trade.

The launch event helped explain the rationale behind the programme and its non-profit structure, and invited attendees to join the collaborative cohort as practice or individual members, contributing creative, intellectual and financial resources dependent on level of involvement. Londonon will be enlisting partners and refining research topics to be explored in host cities for the remainder of 2017. In 2018, the programme will run a consecutive quarterly series of three-month residencies in Los Angeles, California. Participating practices will pool resources to support selected members of staff to conduct on-the-ground research and network building. These roles will include an initial month of research in London.

During the residency in LA, team members will work alongside local practices, creative companies, cultural and educational bodies, government agencies and other invested stakeholders to respond to challenges shared between the two global cities, including: density, transportation, sustainability, immigration, the welfare state, housing and modern methods of construction, homelessness and gentrification.

Coinciding with the end of a 24-month negotiation period for Article 50, at the end of March 2019, the programme will host an event or exhibition of our LA findings alongside a publication or research paper. It is undeniable that we are at a critical juncture in international politics, cultural identity and urban development. However, as creatives, based in one of the most intense and thriving international cities, we are in a unique position. We can, and must, look outward to learn from others and share our own stories as well. The idea is for Londonon to serve as a vehicle to examine and explore our collective identity in the wake of the ever-narrowing worldviews that led to Brexit and Trump’s presidency.

Londonon launch