Strand MU5

How we work

We approach every proposition with an open mindset, by listening closely to our clients and by taking time to hone their priorities and ambitions through an inquisitive process of design testing, speculation and refinement. We work with a strong sense of empathy for people and minutiae of everyday use, to create spaces and atmospheres that are finely tailored to their needs.

Innovation is cultivated in the office through continuous research into the haptic quality of materials and an eagerness to experiment within the known parameters of manufacturing techniques. At a more macro level we take great care to understand the cultural, historical and narrative setting of each project.

Good communication is a central focus of our work and we adopt highly tailored and vivid means of representation particular to each project so that we can make the most of every collaborative interaction, whether it be with our clients, stakeholders, design team members, local authorities or members of the public. Our most successful projects have achieved a truly shared authorship across the design team and we see our clients as pivotal to this collaboration. You can expect from us a powerful, insightful, delightful and challenging process, delivered through a range of media both digital and physical.