Yew Tree Lodge, Hillingdon

  • Value: £2,300,000
  • Client: Look Ahead Housing and Care
  • Status: Complete 2009

Yew Tree Lodge is a new sheltered housing scheme of 12 self contained residential units, with semi communal internal spaces and landscaped external spaces and lawns.

The scheme is located within a site occupied by a Grade II listed Arts and Crafts building design by Edward Prior. Great efforts have been employed by all to deliver a high quality building, of lasting durability, in a sector of housing often side lined and ignored due to its limited architectural potential.

Designed to exacting requirements, the building has been detailed to allow for future flexibility. The scheme adopts a long low profile of two asymmetric wings conjoined at right angles. At the junction of the two wings a recessed main entrance is located with full height, full width frameless glass paneling opening onto a double height void finished in Mustard Yellow.

The external appearance is dominated by brick detailing and terracotta roof tiles, both a soft rust coloured brown. This elegant but robust skin draws its reference from the nearby Grade II listed ‘Arts and Crafts’ Building, but employs a wholly contemporary idiom.

The external landscape treatment, a continuation of the external building palette, extends through the glazed entrance screen into the double height entrance void as a carpet of quarry tiles, providing a robust maintenance free surface. Communal lawns, planted borders, seating and outdoor ‘rooms’ create zones of activity and privacy both to the front and rear of the building.

The internal spaces have a simple contemporary feel. Each unit is simply furnished with open plan living/kitchen space, a large disabled bathroom and double bedroom. The living rooms and bedrooms are provided with full height windows, and the upper floors fitted with projecting bays, creating a niche in which the tenant can sit and enjoy the landscape.

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