We believe that there is no better test-bed for the design of large scale housing schemes, than in the design of the ‘one-off’, bespoke house for a private client. Indeed, the objective of the RIBA Manser Medal has always been to encourage innovation in house design, to show how social and technological ambitions can be met by intelligent design and to produce exemplars to be taken up by the wider house-building industry.

In many respects the ‘one-off’ can be viewed as being at the leading edge of typological development, material and construction innovation, and the advancement of issues surrounding contemporary living standards.

As a practice, therefore, our continuing ambition is to apply the same determination to deliver buildings of meaningful integrity within the large format housing sector, drawing upon our expertise in the execution of the ‘one-off’.

To date we have achieved consent for over 20 housing schemes, obtaining approval for over 1000 units, across all typologies from the terraced house, to retrofit flats, to dense masterplan projects across numerous land types including brownfield, inner city, suburban and rural settings. There is also a growing trend for collaborative design processes, and several of our larger schemes have been developed in a team format of architects working within the umbrella of a masterplan.

This approach, we believe, sets new standards in thinking and design for housing schemes in this country. Subsequently, the work of the practice in this sector has been recognised as runner up in the Architect of the Year Awards in 2009, 2012, 2013. Also our project for Yew Tree Lodge received an RIBA Award in 2010, and was shortlisted for the Housing Design Awards in the same year.