Greenwich Peninsula, London

  • Value: £68,000,000
  • Client: Knight Dragon
  • Status: Tender

Plot 18.03 is part of the Lower Brickfields portion of the wider Greenwich Peninsula redevelopment, located to the far south of the 2015 masterplan. The location can be seen as the ‘entrance’ to the wider development. The plot will contain 220 one, two and three bed apartments, with 25% being affordable.

Our massing creates three distinct buildings on the plot, each with a tower element and a lower shoulder element, arranged around a ground floor podium. Each building is of a different height creating a hierarchy of composition. The largest building is positioned towards the wider masterplan to the north which is larger in scale; the second building is located on the east corner creating a marker to define the entrance to the masterplan; and the smallest building is situated to relate back to the school and lower-lying context that is to the south/south-west. The southern corner is set at a lower datum to maximise the amount of sunlight into the plot, whilst the towers are positioned to avoid overshadowing and afford the best views across the Peninsula. The podium contains a car park with a shared garden on top. Pavilions and colonnades are positioned within the elevated landscape to connect the different buildings and provide space for ancillary uses.