Guildford Plaza

  • Value: Undisclosed
  • Client: Pegasus Life
  • Status: Planning

Guildford Plaza is a 104-unit extra-care accommodation development for Pegasus life, located at the heart of historic Guildford. In addition to generous resident-focused housing provision, the offer is supplemented by first class wellness and communal facilities. Its sensitive location has given way to a design that delicately mediates between a context of different scales, age and appearance.

A composition of four taller blocks border a courtyard with landscaping that reaches out to embed the scheme in its local context. This central courtyard brings together residents resulting in a scheme that bustles with conviviality.

Modular construction is utilised where possible to minimise impact on the surrounding neighbourhood and wider environment.

Guildford Plaza Guildford large model guildford corner Guildford models on white