Newington Green, London

  • Value: Undisclosed
  • Client: Private
  • Status: Planning

Commissioned by Tariro House Limited, 40-41 Newington Green involves the careful renovation and conversion of the locally listed existing bank building into three residential duplex units, complete with a penthouse on top floor, as well as the construction of a new extension comprising five residential units.

A set of boundaries respond to the contextual conditions on site, to ensure the massing of the annex slots comfortably between the terraces and bank building. The scale and position of the top-up at roof level complements the height of the bank building and acts as a ‘book-end’ to the building and site.

Located in a pivotal position between Albion Road and Church Walk and fronting Newington Green, the building has a significant presence within the landscape. It is two storeys high, with a large mansard roof, rigorously proportioned, constructed of a light-yellow stock brick and enriched with many layers of decorative heavy stone detailing.

The new extension aims to enhance and reinforce the quality and the language of the locally listed bank building, instead of visually competing with it. The front facade is less articulated and aligns with the existing street frontages, whilst the rear facade, orientated to the green spaces of Church Walk, comprises a series of steps and set-backs creating various amenity spaces as terraces and courtyards; opening out to the mews and the views into Newington Green.