Wildernesse Mews, Kent

  • Value: £3,400,000
  • Client: Pegasus Life
  • Status: Under construction

Wildernesse Estate is a contemporary extra-care housing scheme designed as part of a holistic retirement community in the grounds of Wildernesse House in Sevenoaks.

The eight mews houses are designed as an ensemble, subservient to the existing Grade II listed mansion. Their architectural language is derived from the former stable yard in this location and it was imperative to establish a strong visual connection to the impressive historic context, but also to the abundant surrounding nature.

Large windows and private / semi-private outdoor amenity spaces such as the raised planters to the front of the mews not only ensure the strong relationship to the surrounding park landscape and the main house, but also allow for communication with fellow residents.

The materiality of the mews houses is expressed in the use of brick and reconstituted stone. The architectural details adopt and interpret several features of the grade II listed house opposite, such as the stone banding, the pitched and hipped slate roofs, the staggered arrangement and the sectional relationship with the landscape.

Wildernesse model mews