Wildernesse, Sylvan Heritage

  • Value: £16,000,000
  • Client: Pegasus Life
  • Status: Tender

Wildernesse Estate is a contemporary extra-care housing scheme designed as part of a holistic retirement community in the grounds of Wildernesse House in Sevenoaks.

The Sylvan Heritage element of the Wildernesse Estate development is the ensemble of five villas in the wooded, southern part of the park.

A mix of stepped two and three storey blocks relate carefully to the site topography so that they sit sensitively within it. The blocks are arranged loosely around a new open space that relate back to Wildernesse House and the lawn to the south containing important trees.

The forms are broken up, articulated and contain vertical elements, cut away areas, recessed balcony/terraces and generous porch spaces. Unequal eaves levels break up and modulate the forms in long views and allow positive use of roof spaces. The facades are articulated by dormers, chimneys, staggered arrangements and varying window sizes.

The materiality is simple and robust with key details adding quality and depth to the façades. Brick is the principal material with clay roof coverings, metal balustrades and timber detailing.

Wildernesse Sylvan Wildernesse Sylvan ariel model WildernesseFMhouses