Newlands Common, Hampshire

  • Value: £450,000
  • Client: Grainger Plc
  • Status: Invited Competition

The brief for this project requires a design for a new visitor centre and information box, which is intended to act as a ‘beacon’ for a new community masterplan which is shortly coming forward in a series of construction phases.The development will include 2000 homes and 20 hectares of commercial space.

Conceptually, this scheme seeks to place a simple, but identifiable box in the landscape. Due to the topography of the site, the building is raised up from the ground and is intended to provide views out towards the various stages of the developing masterplan, relocatable as is necessary to track the building programme. The structural stilts are integrated into a planted grove which passes underneath the building allowing the ecology to integrate with the building.

Mindful of the limitations of budget, the scheme is perceived as a prefabricated timber frame structure, rectangular in plan with a clear assembly and dismantling methodology.  Externally, the building is clad in bioplastic shingles which will shimmer in the wind.

Newlands 1 Newlands 2 Newlands 3 Newlands 4 Newloands 5