Wildernesse Restaurant

  • Value: £1,900,000
  • Client: Pegasus Life
  • Status: Under construction

Wildernesse Estate is a contemporary extra-care housing scheme designed as part of a holistic retirement community in the grounds of Wildernesse House in Sevenoaks.

During the 19th century a conservatory sat amongst a kitchen garden to the north-east corner of the now Grade II listed mansion. The new restaurant aims to reinstate this pavilion typology, creating an exquisite dining space with the transparency of a traditional glasshouse - a focal point within the Wildernesse estate that responds to both the existing buildings and the surrounding landscape.

The semi-precious nature of the outer metallic skin alludes to the delicacy of a traditional glasshouse, contrasting with the solid masonry plinth that ties the building back to the existing house.

Internally, timber vaults sit atop a grid of columns, a rhythm of arches define large glazed openings, and a central elevated lantern houses the open kitchen - creating a permeable space filled with light and expansive views across the estate.

The use of minimal repeated elements is a key concept for the restaurant’s construction - from the structural components and interior lining, to the modulation of the cladding and envelope.

The design melds classical forms abstracted from the context with the efficiency of modern methods of construction, resulting in a contemporary and easy to read pavilion within a landscape steeped in heritage.

Wildernesse restaurant Wildernesse restaurant Wildernesse restaurant Wildernesse restaurant Wildernesse restaurant