Mansel house

  • Value: £4,250,000
  • Client: Stanhope
  • Status: Completed

Mansel House is a Low Carbon Workplace designed to be leading edge, both in environmental performance as well as occupier comfort. It is one of the few buildings in the UK designed specifically to achieve high energy efficiency in use, and is the product of the Low Carbon Workplace Partners, a collaboration between Threadneedle, Stanhope and the Carbon Trust.

The original building was a poorly functioning concrete framed office, clad in red brick and articulated by single glazed ribbon windows at each floor level.

The original building has been completely remodelled whilst retaining as much of the fabric as possible. The retained frame is exposed for thermal mass, and the external skin rebuilt in a more appropriate palette of buff brick and vertically proportioned windows in response to the immediate setting. New light weight extensions, adopting the same ordering and geometric principles of a vertical rhythm and proportion, have been added to the roof, to the street and over the open site to the rear. The undercroft, has also been reclaimed to generate, in total, over 20,000sqft of contemporary, energy efficient, workplace. Achieving almost 100% increase in lettable floor area, on this tight and compromised urban site.

Environmental features include a Clina capillary cooling mat rendered in concrete soffit in retained areas, and cast in PEX pipes in new concrete areas, passive ventilation, a free heat recovery chiller, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery to core areas, extensive metering with smart energy monitoring, highly efficient T5 suspended lighting, an underfloor trunking grid system and green roofs.

The innovative, high-performance and cost-efficient project is predicted to achieve a BREEAM sustainability rating of “Excellent”. Its impressive EPC rating is B, awarded rarely to a refurbishment.

Mansel house