Barmeston Road, Lewisham

  • Value: £1,300,000
  • Client: MacDonald Egan Ltd
  • Status: Complete 2009

A commercial site located in residential surroundings in Catford, and originally occupied by two commercial buildings, both set back from the street. This scheme places two flat typologies on the site. The first, being a series of two bedroom ‘strip’ units arranged laterally on the roof of the foremost brick commercial building. The second typology being two open plan ‘loft’ units arranged one on top of the other in a free standing building at the front of the site.

The ‘strip’ units are conceived as prefabricated cabins, designed with integral west facing secret terraces and cranked picture windows which although provide unrivalled views over a conservation area, prevent overlooking into adjacent properties. Access to these units is via a cantilevered deck running along the eastern flank of the building, and draped in a green curtain of climbing plants.

The ‘loft’ units represent an opportunity to ‘plug’ the gap within the urban fabric, and in turn create a new communal amenity in the space between blocks. This block is set behind a walled garden, facing the street, and is intended to create privacy but activity.

Barmeston-1 Barmeston-4 Barmeston-3